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Dependency on mobile phones as important factor for communication has given birth to Mobile Application Development. which has simplified communication between people on this globe.

Mobile applications help you to enhance the comunication with your customers and introduce your services.


Mobile Application features:


  • Splash Screen : This will be the first screen of the application; user will be able to see name and logo of the Application.

  • About us: This will be informative screen; user will be able to see detail information about your business

  • Social Networks: User will be able to open links for social network pages.

  • News: This will be informative section through user will be able to see latest news this 

  • Photo Gallery:

    • Image gallery will be integrated; user will be able to see images in thumbnail view.

    • User will be able to see image in zoom view by tapping on it.

  • Contact us:

    • Contact information will be mentioned on this screen

    • User will be able to see site map

    • User will be able to see path of location from their current location but in that they    have to.

  • Push Notifications : A notification can be sent to all application users, the admin will have a tool to send custom notification based on the following:

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